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Since pioneering the industry, USC has engineered the most comprehensive lineup of accurate and easy-to-use application technology supported by certified, local dealers. So, your customer’s seed is on-time and uniquely protected for their fields.

Portable LPV Treater

The industry’s most versatile treater, wherever you need it.
USC LPV Portable Treater

State-of-the-art one man operation is the perfect solution for on-site treating.

The industry’s best tilting drum with a convenient outlet conveyor that swings up to 90 degrees for easy unload

Variety of available options from containment pans, single phase generator, and support for three pump stands plus chemical storage.

  • Includes a gooseneck or bumper hitch trailer
  • 65-unit seed hopper
  • inlet tube series conveyor
  • LPV series seed treater with seed wheel
  • Automated tilting drum
  • Outlet tube series conveyor

High Capacity Cereal Treater

Offering high accuracy, portable treating of seeds with continued monitoring and automated adjustments

CTHC main screen
Designed for High Volume, High Accuracy Cereal Treating

The CTHC is fitted with one 54 bushel holding hopper, a high capacity weigh belt, nebulizer chamber, and atomizer chamber. The system comes with two automated pumps with containment hoppers. There are access points on all sides of the unit for transportation along with jacks to level the unit. System can be paired with a trailer with an attached auger.

  • Designed for Cereal Treating
  • Easy to clean
  • High accuracy
  • Increased size patented stainless steel atomizer chamber
  • Standard and metric capabilities
  • High capacity weigh belt
  • High capacity treating (3,000 lbs/min)
  • Continuous flow
  • Stainless steel atomizer chamber
  • Nebulizer provides tumbling action causing 360 degree coverage
Options & Specs
  • Fully Automated touch screen with In-depth reporting
  • Can be controlled remotely via a mobile device
  • 2 automated pumps w/ volumetric flow meters
  • Liquid containment pan
  • 2 auxiliary ports for accessories
  • One 54-bushel hopper
  • Compact and Portable– 96” x 104” floor space
  • 4 jack stands
  • Trailer with auger
  • Air compressor kit

High Capacity LPV Treater

When high output and high efficiency is your desire. The High Capacity LPV treater gets you 3,000 lbs/min.

Image of a High Capacity LPV Seed Treater on a white background.
Ultimate Coverage from the First Seed to the Last

This model allows you to treat up to 3,000 lbs per minute. The High Capacity LPV features nebulizer coater technology to ensure the most precise coating in the industry. Seed is metered via a weigh belt. Just like the standard LPV, this model features an 8′ long by 42″ automated tilting drum, which guarantees ultimate coverage from the first seed to the last. The High Capacity LPV is once again raising the standard in seed care technology at an affordable price.

  • High capacity treating. Up to 3,000 lbs/min.
  • Seed is metered via a weigh belt
    • High accuracy
    • Gain in weight technology
    • No catch points for easy cleaning
  • 8′ by 42″ carbon or stainless steel tilting drum
    • Pin point coating adjustments
    • 15 second cleanout
  • Increased size patented stainless steel atomizer chamber
  • Nebulizer provides tumbling action causing 360 degree coverage
  • Controlled by v4.0 U-Treat automation
  • Can be controlled remotely via a mobile device
  • Comes standard with U-Connect pro for remote servicing options
  • See U-Treat and U-Connect for more automation features


LPX Lite Makes Full Automation Affordable

It combines innovation and customization that typically comes with a bigger price tag.

LPX U-Treat Lite with stand
Lite automation screen

LPX Lite utilizes the latest in industrial software and hardware solutions. By investing in these tools, we can collect and analyze live data rapidly to make accurate adjustments. With automated start, run, and end sequences, runs are highly repetitive by removing the opportunity for mistakes to be made during operations. Gone are the days of the operator hunting and pecking for system input data. The Start Wizard simplifies the information needed for the operator to complete an order. With our Start Wizard, input data is organized into a quick access format to reduce pre-run set-up time.

  • Automates up to four volumetric metering pump stands
    • (see PS4 for more information)
  • Automates seed metering with Seed Wheel or Loss in Weight gate
  • Increased flexibility for auxiliary devices with two sets of independent controls
  • Includes our patented stainless-steel atomizer chamber
  • USC offers 6’ and 8’ drums for seed coating
  • Features a 10” touchscreen for easy operation
  • Supports up to 500 customers, 500 seed profiles, 500 chemistry profiles, and 500 recipes
  • Saves up to 5,000 reports viewable on-screen or downloadable to .csv file
  • U-Treat Lite features Start Wizard and WatchView
  • Can be controlled remotely via a mobile device
  • See U-Treat Lite for more automation features

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